Essential Tips When Teaching Children Using a GeniusKIDDY Board

1. Choose different times of the day to play with your child. Additionally, you can allow your child to play only with the puzzle pieces without using the base board. As an example, you can ask your child some words while you are cooking. Such as "Baby, give me the word 'long'" "Give me the word 'cook'" etc. Your child may ask you for dozens of times relating to the words without getting bored. Try to respond to her/him patiently. Then your child will remember all the words on the board within one play session.


2. Three suitable points of time to have your child play with GeniusKIDDY boards are one time in the early morning, one time before lunch and one time right before sleeping at night.


3. Both parents can play with their child together, or they can swap roles. For example, Dad asks and Mom answers, and vice versa, while the child looks on and listens. Parents should also praise each other when finishing the game. In addition, a fantasy character such as a doll or stuffed animal can also be used while playing with the child.


4. For parents who work in an environment where their children can accompany them, GeniusKIDDY boards can be brought along so that children can play daily.


5. Sometimes, using reverse psychology effect will get your child interested in playing, especially if they always want to say "no." If you want your child to follow your instructions, instead of asking them to do it, encourage them to show you how it's done. For example, instead of asking them, "What word is this?" you should say, "I think you don't know what this word is." When phrased differently, your child will want to prove it to you that they can do it.


6. After your child has played with two sets of boards, use the puzzle pieces to form familiar word pairings, and guide your child to read from left to right. For example, "big dog" "green tree" etc.


7. After your child has played with three sets of words, use the puzzle pieces to form three-word phrases. For example, "a nice table" "the orange house" “He sits down” etc.


8. When finishing the fifth set, your child should now be able to read a few hundred words. Parents can match words together to form a long sentence for the child to read. Parents can also use a pen to write on paper using the same font style as on the GeniusKIDDY board to make it easier for the child to recognize the words.


9. When finishing the 10th set, the child should now be able to read from 500 to 600 words. Parents can print out stories from for their child to read. When reading stories, they can learn new words too.


10. When your child has finished all the GeniusKIDDY boards, it is time to let your child read other books. During the reading process, parents can continue to teach their child to read new words.

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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