1. Two important factors for good parenting and caring for children are love and patience. The only prerequisite for applying the GeniusKIDDY method is that children are guided by people who love them. These people must take care of, teach, and love the child for the child's own benefit, not for any other reason. So only have your child play with GeniusKIDDY boards only if there is a parent playing with them.


2. Praising is an essential tool when teaching children. Always give praise when they do good work. You can use the following sentences to compliment your child: "That's right!" "Good job!" "Incredible!" "Well done!" "Excellent!" "Bravo!" "Wonderful!" "Terrific!" "Fantastic!" "Brilliant!" or "Amazing!", etc. When your child does not do things correctly, you can encourage him by saying, "Please do it again, you can do it!" Parents should also express their feelings when praising their child, for example, "You are doing so well. I am very happy" to let your child understand your feelings. However, offering praises for unnecessary situations will devaluate the praises later.


3. Parents should be patient when playing with their child. Learning is a long process with little progress each day. It can be said that learning is a long journey to the top of the mountain along the trail surrounding the mountain to gradually reach the top, rather than climbing straight from the foot to the top of the mountain. The significant success of a child is never without the patience of parents. With enough time and patience, parents can help children to discover their own inner genius.


4. Play with your child daily to help them form a routine, just as they will go to school every day when growing up. Playing with your child at this stage does not take you much time, but it brings so many benefits to your child. With parents who are tight on time, they can spend just three times a day with their child, each time 5 minutes.


5. Help your child to broaden their vocabulary everyday. GeniusKIDDY board was developed based on a system of common words suitable for small children in a commonly developmental sequence. However, each child's vocabulary is not the same, so parents need to supplement their child's vocabulary daily. You also need to teach your children words matching their current vocabulary so that reading and speaking skills will be developed in tandem with each other.


6. Parents need to put aside their stress before playing with their child. Parents should be always in positive mood when playing with their child, this will also help to create more excitement for their children.


7. GeniusKIDDY boards are for children from one to three years old. However, the most suitable age to begin playing with GeniusKIDDY boards ranges from 15 months to 24 months of age. The maximum age children can play with GeniusKIDDY boards is three years old. Once older than 3, children have acquired more knowledge of the world around them, so the images used in GeniusKIDDY boards are no longer attractive to them. Also, one of the exciting things gained when playing with GeniusKIDDY boards is to match the puzzle pieces with the correct position on the board, but it does not challenge them at all after the age of 3.


8. When playing with your child, try to consider yourself as a player, not as a trainer. Keep your and your child's roles equal, this will encourage your child to keep on playing and also to have fun. Children learn not only when they play but also when they watch their parents playing.


9. Always show your child the words on the puzzle pieces before let them view the images on the cutouts of the base board. The reason is that children tend to prefer to see the illustrated images. Teaching a child to memorize the words together with related images not only helps them understand the meaning of the words, but also makes it easier for them to remember what they learn.


10. Have your child play with the GeniusKIDDY boards as a habit rather than a task. Dealing with a difficult work will be much easier if it is a habit. The same is true for playing with GeniusKIDDY boards, and all obstacles will be overcome easily.

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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