1. Do not make a distinction between learning and playing. From the very beginning, try to make your child think that learning can be done in a fun, playful way. Children at this young age do not understand what "to learn" means, so associating that word with games and play-time will excite them every time you tell them it's time to learn.


2. Do not teach your child the alphabet letters before letting them play with the GeniusKIDDY boards. If children know the letters of the alphabet before playing, they will only pay attention to the letters without grasping the word as a whole. This may make the learning process less effective. Learning the individual letters also limits your child's imagination, which, in turn, could limit their creative abilities.


3. Do not spell out each letter; instead, read the word on each puzzle piece out loud for your child to hear, followed by a sentence that explains the meaning of the word. Parents should read the word from the puzzle piece a few times so that the child can absorb the information and remember how it's pronounced. They will remember the word's entire image without having to pay attention to the individual letters. For example, for the word "bird", you should repeat "bird" several times and come up with a sentence that explains it. You can point to a bird outside and explain that this is what a bird is. The word "shirt" can be explained by pointing to your child's shirt and saying, "you are wearing a shirt."


4. Do not compare your child to others because each child has different strengths and weaknesses. If you tell your child that he or she is better than other children, it could make them arrogant or conceited. Conversely, if you tell your child that they are not as good as the other children, it could give them an inferiority complex and hurt their self-esteem.


5. Do not hit, scold, threaten, or lie to your child. Parents must respect their child all the time, including while they are playing with the GeniusKIDDY board. To help your children develop their brains and acquire lots of knowledge, it is essential that you encourage them always to feel confident. Scolding your child will make them feel like they are doing something wrong, and they will gradually lose confidence in themselves. In addition, children who are repeatedly scolded will also learn to behave the same when they are put in the same situations.


6. Do not allow your child to play with robotic toys, video games, or electronic games when using the GeniusKIDDY method.


7. In order to play and learn with GeniusKIDDY boards efficiently, do not allow your child to watch too much television.


8. Do not blame your child when they get something wrong; instead, teach them how to do things correctly the next time. Remember, nobody can be right every single time.


9. Do not allow your child to use computers too early.


10. Do not impose conditions or promise your child a reward for doing something, as this will not encourage your child's desire to do, only their desire to get the rewards they were promised at the end. Instead, let your child find their own interest in the work or the game.

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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