Your toddler could do much better than you can think

You are looking for a toy that is suitable for your toddler? Are you looking for a toy We are offering a gift giveaway for babies aged from 15 to 25 months. The gift is a GeniusKIDDY board 0. (Please view the product in our SHOP)

GeniusKIDDY board is a wooden puzzle photo wording board – a brand new toy for early childhood education. Playing with this toy helps your child develop linguistic thinking; enhance their brain development; expand their social awareness and improve  their understanding of the world around them.


Parents with a child within the above age and would like to receive a gift please fill in the below registration form.

Do you think early childhood education is important for children under 3 years old?

How to play:

Children and parents play by taking the puzzle pieces out of the board and putting them back into the correct position on the board. While playing, parents read aloud the words printed on the puzzle pieces before showing the illustration image. Doing this, your child will memorize words and understand the meaning of words.


Important notes:


+ One of the parents need to play with their children

+ Have your child play for only 5 minutes each time then put away the board immediately after playing

+ Only play when your child is interested

+ Limit the time your child watches TV, smartphone and plays video games, robostic toys.


Read more on GeniusKIDDY Method and GeniusKIDDY Practice.

We will review your answers and only send the gift to those who fit our criteria. You do not have to pay any cost when registering for a gift. Your information is confidential.


We hope you and your child have an enjoyable experience when playing with the GeniusKIDDY board and are looking forward to receiving feedback and suggestions to better improve the product.


Play with your child to feel the magic!

To know how to play, simply watch the below video

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