The toys sold on the site are meant for children less than 3 and above 1 year old. It is not suitable for any other group of children. For the most efficiency, a parent must play with the child.




It is made of plywood and is a puzzle toy. Children play by picking a puzzle piece and take it out or put it onto a correct cutout on the board. The toy conforms to CPSC (UNITED STATES CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION) requirements. On each puzzle piece a word is printed, on the board at the place to put the puzzle piece, an image is printed and the image is the illustration for the word. Playing with the toy help children remember words and the meaning of the words and can enable them to read when they are at 3, after about one year of playing.




There are different ways to play with the toys. We enjoin parent to familiarize themselves with the procedure of playing with the toys.


Although the toys are designed to enhance the reading ability of a child, the products are of no use for children who already are addicted to video games, computer games, smart phone app, robotic toys, television shows, etc. We do not guarantee that the toys will be of much help to children in this category. We will not be held liable if a parent buys the toys for a child that is already addicted to some other games. The parent purchases the toys at his/her own risk and we will not offer any form of return or refund in this case. So please carefully consider whether or not your child will be interested in the toy before buying it.




The product can help most children to read when they are about 3 if they play from 9 months to one year but there are also some cautions that need to be observed when playing with the toys in order to gain good result.


Parents should take note that not all children can gain the same skills, experience and knowledge when using the toys. We do not warrant that the toys will enhance the reading ability of a child. Therefore, we are not liable if a child does not gain any skill, experience or knowledge from using the toys and we will not be held responsible if the toys did not perform as expected. Gaining skills or knowledge from the use of the toys is dependent on many factors and we assume no responsibility for fitness of purpose or accurate performance of the toys.


The toys are designed for children to be played with their parents. If a child plays alone, he/she may not gain the knowledge or skill, and parents have to carefully read the GeniusKIDDY Method carefully before playing with the toys. The toys in fact are education tools. Playing them with parents also help children to be safe as children can drop the toys on their face, swallow the toys, etc. Although the toys are tested and conforms to all safety requirements but if children play alone, there may be other problems arising and it can affect their health.


The abilities of each child are different, therefore even when they are all playing with the same toy, each child will experience it differently and will gain different skills and knowledge.


It is entirely your choice whether or not to apply GeniusKIDDY method. Any information enclosed here does not provide any professional consulting advice and is not bound by any legal responsibility.


You should follow playing practices closely in order to have your child love and play with the toys efficiently.

GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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