Thinking development is a continuous process of the brain activities. In this process language plays an important role in building a solid knowledge base.


Languages ​​include sounds, images, flavors, gestures, facial expressions, symbols, writing and other forms of expression that affect the human senses to send, receive, transmit information and thinking. Among the linguistic forms of human being, writing plays a great role in storing and spreading knowledge and civilization. Without the written language, human civilization would go back to the past thousands of years.


At ages from 0 to 3, children can receive a huge amount of knowledge through simple language forms like sounds, images, and smells. The knowledge that children receive is like a natural flow every day with a larger volume than any subsequent period. This is the most effective acting stage of the brain, from a pristine mass, the brain is structured to recognize knowledge of many genres. The thinking activity of the brain at this stage is mainly intuitive thinking.


By the age of 3, most children can speak fluently, their language skills are almost complete.


Above 3, the children’s brain is no longer really sensitive to the image. Intuition thinking is gradually replaced by analytical thinking. At this stage, children’s brain needs to be exposed to more types of information, while simple forms of information such as images and sounds did not convey much information. This creates a gap in the flow of information that children brain needs to receive as well as create gap in their thinking flow. Therefore, the fact that children know another form of language expression that is written language helps to smooth the flow of perceiving knowledge and thinking for their brain.


GeniusKIDDY is an early education method that allows children to interact with the GeniusKIDDY board through 3 senses: sight, hearing and touch.


The GeniusKIDDY board is developed based on the language exploratory characteristics of children at this age; their sensitivity to images and colorful objects; their interest in simple puzzles is like putting one object fittingly on the other.


Each board consists of puzzle pieces printed with meaningful words and illustrations in the corresponding cutouts on the board. Each puzzle piece has a unique shape that is similar to the shape of the word printed on it and only fits into a respective cutout with the purpose of creating excitement for children when they fit the pieces onto the board.


GeniusKIDDY board is an early educational tool for children aged 15 to 30 months, even if they are not able to talk yet. However, parents will feel their child's progress more clearly if they can talk. Playing with this toy not only gives children lots of fun but also gives them many benefits.


The greatest benefit of the game is to help activate a baby's brain comprehensively. Children who have been playing with GeniusKIDDY boards for 6 months or more have outstanding intelligence. The game makes use of the language development ability of children at the age of 2 to connect neurons that handle all forms of language expression, especially images and words. Every time they see a word on a piece, your child will relate to the related image, which promotes the imagination. The development of imagination ability will increase the baby's creative ability later.


This is an interactive game that helps to bond family relationship. Family members are closer and love each other more. Playing with their children helps parents improve themselves. A child’s daily progress helps parents to be more motivated to find out how to raise and teach them efficiently.


With vivid illustrations, playing with GeniusKIDDY board increases children's understanding of the surrounding world and improves their social awareness. At the age of 2, children cannot think logically so learning by topic limits their ability, making them think mechanically. The combination of word types and topics helps to reduce this risk, and contributes to the development of their intuitive thinking.


Difference in shapes and colors of the words makes your child have more interest in playing. In addition, the content of the GeniusKIDDY boards was developed from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, avoiding duplication, confusion helps children start easily and challenges them gradually. By doing so, children easily memorize and understand the meaning of words. Therefore, an important benefit of the games is that children can read after about 6 months of play, usually by the time they are about three years old. The ability to read early will help them get access to the vast source of knowledge.


Note that parents should only let children play with GeniusKIDDY boards if they have time playing with their child. It only takes them 15 minutes a day in 3 times but will bring tremendous benefits to their child. Through play, children will learn and acquire useful knowledge in a natural and funny way.

For best results, parents should carefully read the methods, including:


Benefits of playing with GeniusKIDDY boards

Principles when playing with GeniusKIDDY boards

Necessary attention when playing with GeniusKIDDY boards

Important advice when playing with GeniusKIDDY boards 

Activities applied and avoided when playing with GeniusKIDDY boards


Although children learn through play, the GeniusKIDDY board is not an ordinary toy but a tool for early education. Parents must not let children play alone and need to immediately put away the board in the bag after each play to avoid losing puzzle pieces, while adding excitement for them at the next play.


Like any other early childhood education method, GeniusKIDDY board is not magical. The progress of children greatly depends on the efforts of the parents that will always be rewarded. Early childhood education helps normal children become talented and congenital talented children become genius. The succeed of early education much depends on the dedication and efforts of parents.

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