With enough time and patience, parents can help children to discover their own inner genius

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Playing with the GeniusKIDDY boards, your child will have so much fun and learn a lot of great new things. If this is your first visit, be sure to read “GeniusKIDDY Method” and the “How to Play” menu.


GeniusKIDDY boards are educational and learning toys for toddlers, and are played in order from easy to difficult. You can buy each board individually from board 1 onwards, or to save money you can buy a combo or a set. The best deal is to buy a set, because in addition to a discount, you also receive a gift, which is a support board. If you are not sure whether the GeniusKIDDY method is suitable for your child anymore, you can choose to buy a trial board first.

Please note that you must spend time playing with your child, so do not let them play alone. GeniusKIDDY boards are for children of about 2 years old, the golden age for brain development. At this age, your child has special assimilating abilities that will go away if missed out on and it would be a big regret.


We hope you have a great experience and raise your child to become a genius by starting with a GeniusKIDDY board!

Introducing about GeniusKIDDY method


GeniusKIDDY is an early childhood education method for children aged 15 to 30 months through playing with the GeniusKIDDY boards.


The application of this method has many benefits for children. The most important benefit is to help activate a child's brain during the golden stage by providing appropriate information for their thirst to discover knowledge via sight, hearing and touch.


The application of this method also increases children's understanding of the world around them, improves their social awareness while developing their intuition thinking and many other benefits.


Among those, an important benefit is to help children memorize and understand words, which then help them easily read after about 6 months of play.


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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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