Important Advice When Playing with GeniusKIDDY Boards

1. Whenever your child wants to play with GeniusKIDDY boards, stop your current work to play with them, this only takes you 5-10 minutes, but it is beneficial for your child.


2. There are times when a child does not want to learn the current board but wants to learn an old board. This may be because the child is particularly interested in the words learned there, or has a special memory of these words. This is a great opportunity to review the words your child has learned. Remember, below the age of 3, their learning ability is speedy, but they also forget quickly. They should be allowed to review their learned words so they can remember these words thoroughly.


3. If a board has many difficult words that are not included in your child's vocabulary and your child does not want to learn them, stop and move to another board. Then you should add the new words to your child's vocabulary before continuing. Parents should always help their children increase their vocabulary through daily practical activities. For example, if your child does not know the word "elephant," read a story about elephants to him or have him go to the zoo to see elephants. Once your child knows these concepts, he will immediately enjoy learning the corresponding words.


4. There may be easy words and difficult words on a board. The level of ease will be different for each child. If a word is used daily by a child, it will be easy, and conversely, a word which is rarely used by a child will be more difficult for them. Allow your child to learn easy words and difficult words together to help conquer the difficult ones more easily.


5. For abstract words, where the image does not directly reflect the meaning of the word, parents do not need to explain the image to the child but should let the children assess it for themselves. Parents only need to teach their children how to read the word and provide an explanation of it. For example, for the word "film". Parents can let their children feel the image, and when explaining to children the word "film," parents can use it in a sentence like this: "We watch film on television."


6. There's no need to always explain your child about the images on the cutouts. Let your child recognize the images herself/himself and have her/his own interpretation. Most importantly, be patient to read the words on the puzzle pieces again and again so that your child will get familiar with the pronunciations.


7. Do not force your child to learn quickly in a short period of time, as it may cause them to get bored with the game and therefore, of learning.


8. For action words, parents can demonstrate the actions to their child. For example, with the word "nod" or "shake," they can nod or shake their head.


9. It is recommended that children should only play with GeniusKIDDY boards when they can sit still. Make sure the puzzle pieces do not fall on them. Don't allow them to suck on the puzzle pieces, sit or lie on them, or use them in other ways that cause them harm.


10. For foreign language boards, only play with your child if you are confident in your ability, especially the pronunciation.


11. Parents should not brag about their child's abilities and achievements, especially in front of the child because this can turn the child into an arrogant mindset, one that gradually loses interest and motivation to learn. This is also problematic for the long-term, comprehensive development of the child. Always consider that your child is a normal child, even when he gains an impressive skill. The fact is that any child can achieve great things if they play with the GeniusKIDDY board.

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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