Children play by inserting and removing puzzle pieces onto or out of cutouts on the board. Over and over again, children will remember the words and understand the meaning of the words.

Children who play with GeniusKIDDY boards have the potential to develop superior language skills. and are likely to be able to read and understand at around the age of 3

Two important factors for good parenting and caring for children are love and patience. The only prerequisite for applying the GeniusKIDDY method is that children are guided by people who love them.

Whenever your child plays with GeniusKIDDY boards, start by asking whether she/he has wanted to play or not. Choose the right time with a high chance of getting the answer "YES".

1- If your child is not focused, stop for a day or two before playing again with GeniusKIDDY boards.

2- If the number of words on a board is more than your child's ability to memorize them, leave some words for next time.

Whenever your child wants to play with GeniusKIDDY boards, stop your current work to play with them, this only takes you 5-10 minutes, but it is beneficial for your child.

Choose different times of the day to play with your child. Additionally, you can allow your child to play only with the puzzle pieces without using the base board. As an example, you can ask your child some words while you are cooking.

Let your child play role-playing games. This game will help your child to boost their imagination abilities. If your child playing and talking alone with toys, leave her/him to continue playing.

Do not make a distinction between learning and playing. From the very beginning, try to make your child think that learning can be done in a fun, playful way.

GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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