Necessary Attention When Playing with GeniusKIDDY Boards

1. If your child is not focused, stop for a day or two before playing again with GeniusKIDDY boards.


2. If the number of words on a board is more than your child's ability to memorize them, leave some words for next time.


3. Focus on difficult words. After playing a few times on each board, you will find out which words your child remembers very quickly and which words he/she finds difficult. Next play sessions, let your child learn those difficult words before other easy words.


4. Do not play with other games while you are playing with the GeniusKIDDY board. Before playing, take away all other toys that may divert your child's attention away from the GeniusKIDDY game.


5. It is not necessary to memorize all the words in one board before moving to the next board. Some words are more difficult than the others because those are not in your child's vocabulary. If that happens, move on to another board, so that your child won't get bored. You can come back to those difficult words later because she/he will learn them more easily when her/his vocabulary is enhanced.


6. Do not directly test your child on whether or not they know the words; instead, use other, more indirect ways to assess their progress. For example, if you play with old boards, you can easily recognize whether or not your child has remembered those words.


7. Do not use homonyms or synonyms to explain a word to your child because children's brains under three years old are not capable of absorbing these concepts, and your child will only get confused by them.


8. If your child does not want to play with a board, reduce the playing time, and find out the reason for this before changing the board.


9. Do not mention learning when your child is angry or in a distressed mood, as they may begin to make correlations between that negative mood and learning.


10. Do not be impatient or force your child to learn as quickly as possible. As time passes, your child will want to play with a new board every day. If you fulfill your child's wish, she/he will tend to look at the new board without learning the words, and they will gradually lose interest. Instead of letting your child learn a new board, encourage her/him to review the old board.


11. When asking your child, parents should always be patient, give her/him a certain time to think before answering. Depending on each question, your child may react quickly or slowly. With some issues, your child may answer before you finish the question, but with other problems, he may need more time.


12. When communicating with children as well as playing with GeniusKIDDY boards, it is also necessary to use gestures and eye signals in addition to talking to them to help them understand the meaning conveyed. For children, their first language is not vocal or written language but body language. Like a newcomer who first visits a foreign country and does not know the language, they will use body language for communication.


13. Keep the GeniusKIDDY board at least 10 inches away from your child's eyes to avoid straining their vision.


14. Keep your child in the right direction while playing. Children can recognize words from all directions, but that can lead them to learn words incorrectly.

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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GeniusKIDDY boards - Educational and Learning Toys for Toddlers of about 2 years old

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