New Early Childhood Education Toys for Toddlers

Play and feel the enchantment!

If you are just seeking a normal toy for your toddler, you are likely to waste your child’s genius potential.

Children from 1 to 3 years old have a special ability to assimilate images and sound. They can easily distinguish differences between two images with a single look. They are especially attracted to colorful objects and are eager to play simple puzzle games like putting something fittingly into another thing.


Based on these facts, we developed the GeniusKIDDY board, a new early childhood education toy for toddlers that help them learn many things while playing.


Playing with the toy helps your child develop linguistic thinking, enhances their brain development, expands their social awareness, improves their understanding of the world around them, and especially helps to reinforce their intuitive thinking.

Each board consists of puzzle pieces printed words in different colors and illustrated images on the main board. The toy is made of wood and conforms to all requirements from CPSC.

How to Play:


Children and parents play by taking the puzzle pieces out of the board and putting them back into the correct positions on the board. While playing, parents read the words printed on the puzzle pieces aloud before showing the illustrating images. When showing an image, the parent says a sentence to describe the image using the word on the respective puzzle piece. For example, if the word is "bird", the sentence can be: "The bird is yellow"


By playing, your child will memorize the words and understand the meaning of words then they can easily read and understand after about 6 months of playing.


The most suitable age to start playing with GeniusKIDDY boards ranges from 15 to 24 months.


Important notes when playing:


+ At least one of the parents needs to play with the child.

+ Have your child play for only 5 minutes each time, then put away the board immediately after playing.

+ Only play when your child is excited.

+ Limit the time your child watches TV, plays on a smartphone, plays video games, robotic toys, etc.


For more information, simply read GeniusKIDDY Method and GeniusKIDDY Practice.

GeniusKIDDY boards - Set 1

You can buy individual boards, combos or buy in sets to have the best deal.


Playing with GenisKIDDY board, raising a child is never easier.


Not sure whether the toy is suitable for your child? Don’t worry. We are offering a gift giveaway for babies from 15 to 24 months old. The gift is a GeniusKIDDY board like the below image.

Simply fill in the below form to get a great toy for your child.

Do you think early childhood education is important for children under 3 years old?

We will review your registration and will send the gift to those who fit our criteria. You do not have to pay any cost when registering to receive the gift. Your information is confidential.


Watch the below video to see one of ways to play with the GK boards.

We hope you and your child have an enjoyable experience when playing with the GK board and are looking forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions to better improve the product.


Having your toddler play with GeniusKIDDY boards, you will be surprised by what your child can do.

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