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As parents, the only thing we really want is for our children to be happy. Not only during their childhood but throughout their adulthood as well. Some parents may think that an adult's outlook on life has nothing to do with their childhood, but that's not the case. The way we raise our children can have a huge impact on the type of adult they will become. Studies have shown that happiness is linked to our perception of the world around us, habits, and personality traits (among other things). So, if you want your child to grow into a happy, emotionally healthy adult, you should focus on their habits, personality traits, and how they see the world around them.

Here are some tips that will get your child on the path to happiness throughout their life:

Teach Your Child Positive Thinking

It may sound cliché, but teaching your child to have a positive outlook on life, and the people around them can cultivate a positive attitude. The first step to teach your child positive thinking is to practice positivity yourself. If you try your best to put a positive spin on things in front of your child, they will mimic you and follow suit.

Exhibit and teach optimism, uplifting talk, and gratitude. By doing these things yourself, it becomes a natural way of thinking to your child. Teach them to manipulate their moods in a positive way. If your child seems to be having a bad day, teach them how to lift themselves up, and understand that their mood solely depends on how they approach things.

Good Habits Are Important

Studies have shown that good habits are a key part of ingraining happiness in your child throughout their lifetime. Believe it or not, eating healthy and getting exercise daily can have a huge impact on your child's happiness and outlook on life. Once your child is grown and on their own, they will practice what they grew up around to get them through adulthood. They will pick up new things throughout their lifetime, but the foundation of their life will be built on the habits they've learned to grow up with.

So, if you make sure they understand the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise, they will continue to do so throughout their adult life. Teach your child to use an outlet to relax themselves if they're having an off day. What makes them happy? What can instantly turn their mood around? For example, many people feel that listening to music or playing an instrument helps them change their perspective on things. Help them find their outlet, and they will always have a way to lift themselves up.

Laughter Is the Key to Happiness

When we laugh and smile, it usually means we're happy. So, it only makes sense that laughing and smiling more can make us happier people in general. In fact, studies have shown that smiling and laughing more can change our chemical make-up. Even if you must force yourself to laugh or smile, it will eventually make you a happier person, with a more positive outlook. If you and your child are feeling melancholy, do something or watch something that will make you both crack a smile. As your child grows, they will automatically try to make themselves laugh when they're feeling a bit gloomy.

Teaching Your Child to Love Themselves

Teach your child to truly love themselves, no matter what. When your child is small, show them as much love and support as possible. Show them that you love them for the unique things that set them apart from others. As they begin to grow older, allow them to explore the traits they have that make them different from their peers. As an adult, these unique traits will draw people to them. This will build their confidence, allowing them to truly love who they are.

Help Your Children Discover Their Talents

In order for your child to be truly happy and content as an adult, they must be able to financially support themselves. Although money is not always the most important thing, it's hard to be happy when you can't pay your rent or mortgage.

To ensure your child will have a steady source of income as they grow older, you have to let their natural talents guide their career search. Let your child explore different things until you both find something that really makes your child shine. Once you've found what your child's niche is, do everything you can to help their talents flourish.

Knowledge is Power

A truly happy human being will always have a good sense of what their purpose in life is. A sense of purpose is what gives us a will to live. It's what keeps us grounded and emotionally stable. There are a lot of people that struggle with this issue. Human being's "purpose in life" can be subjective based on each individual person.

However, if you teach your child to be a knowledgeable person, their purpose will come to them quite easily. The saying knowledge is power rings true in this situation. Encourage your child to study the world around them and soak up knowledge. In order for them to know what their purpose in life is, they must understand the world around them.

Help Your Children See the Beauty in Everything

No matter how well you've taught your child to be positive, the harsh weight of the world can sometimes dim that light. How can we shelter our children from these things as they become adults? Well, unfortunately, we can't. However, we can teach them to see the beauty in everything this world has to offer. Teaching them to notice the beauty rather than the negative can help keep their attitude upbeat and positive.

Think about it; someone who is constantly surrounded by negativity isn't normally a happy person. But the person who stops to look at the sunset always seems to put a more positive spin on things. As your child grows, teach them to stop and smell the roses, look up at the stars, and notice the little girl that always stops to cheerfully wave as you walk down the street. This will stay with your child all the way through adulthood. They will automatically look for the good and will always notice the beauty in life.

Always Focus on What You Have, Not What You Don't Have

One of the most important lessons you can teach your child about life is to always focus on the things they do have, not the things they yearn for. If your child grows up always focusing on what others have that they don't have, they are doomed to turn into bitter adults later in life. They will always be chasing something that's just out of reach, and will never be satisfied with their life.

For example, if your child strives to buy a house in their adulthood, they will not be happy once they achieve that goal. They will start to look at how big the house is across the street and wonder why their house can't be like that. Enjoying an accomplished goal will quickly turn to bitterness. Teach your child to focus on what they already have and how blessed they are. They will be happy about their achievements while making plans to achieve an even bigger goal in the future.

As they get older remind them every now and then that there is someone out there wishing they had what your child has. When your child reaches adulthood, they will automatically focus on being thankful for what they have. They will always have an "it could be worse" attitude, which will open them up to being happy with their present lives. Always remember to lead by example and practice what you're preaching throughout their lives. If you tell them one thing, but exhibit different behavior, it will never work. They will copy your actions, not your lectures.

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