Set 2 - GeniusKIDDY Wooden Puzzle Photo Wording Board - Each set consists of 10 boards: Board 11 + Board 12 + Board 13 + Board 14 + Board 15 + Board 16 + Board 17 + Board 18 + Board 19 + Board 20

(The most suitable age to start ranges from 15 to 24 months)


- The best learning and educational toys for toddlers

- Each board has 5 puzzle pieces printed with 5 words:

  • Bard 11: flower, bee, kid, hungry, no
  • Bard 12: crab, pen, give, banana, dinner
  • Bard 13: doctor, thirsty, ant, ball, taxi
  • Bard 14: pear, eagle, bye, sleepy, truck
  • Bard 15: deer, grandpa, wait, boat, mango
  • Bard 16: star, book, ate, giraffe, come
  • Bard 17: dinosaur, breakfast, help, melon, rain
  • Bard 18: bed, room, small, butterfly, clouds
  • Bard 19: elephant, carrot, good, bus, drink
  • Bard 20: ship, late, tree, animals, crying

and illustrating images on the base board

- Individual board dimension: 12.20” x 7.28”

- Each toy contains a base board and puzzle pieces with printed words and illustrated images;

- These learning toys are for children from 15 - 20 months;

- The toy is a tool for early childhood education;

- Playing with the toy is an ideal start for homeschooling activities.




Playing with the toy helps to helps to enhance your child intuitive thinking; improve your child’s social awareness; upgrade their language abilities; intensify their understanding of the world around them and more. By playing with GeniusKIDDY boards, your child will remember words and understand the meaning of the words and can read after about 6 months playing.



Playing method


Children and parents play by taking the puzzle pieces out of the board then putting them back into the correct positions on the board. While playing, the parents read the words printed on the puzzle pieces aloud before showing the illustrating images. When the child sees an image, the parent can say a sentence to describe the image using the word on the respective puzzle piece. For example, if the word is "bird", the sentence can be: "The bird is yellow"



Important notes


+ At least one of the parents needs to play with the child.

+ Have your child play for only 5 minutes each time, then put away the board immediately after playing.

+ Only play when your child is excited.

+ Limit the time your child watches TV, plays on a smartphone, plays video games, robotic toys, etc.

- Please read How to Play and GeniusKIDDY Method for more information before playing with your child.


GeniusKIDDY Set 2 – Toys for early childhood education

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  • Each board is packed in a plastic bag then an outer pack.

    The plastic bag is not the type for one-time use, please unpack the toy gently and store the board and puzzle pieces in the plastic bag after use. The plastic bag is not the type for one-time use, please unpack the toy gently and store the board and puzzle pieces in the plastic bag after use.

    Please watch this video to learn how to unpack the plastic bag.

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